Within you
flows a
River of Words...



I come from a line of prolific speakers, my father was an empassioned speaker who could hold an audience in his hand, be it an intimate room of people or a huge arena loaded to bursting. I remember as a young man sitting for hours enthralled by his voice and speech. His father as well held me tight in my seat on the couch reciting the age-old Creation Stories. The rhythmic re-telling of stories too old to forget yet reborn with each recitation. Travelling across Native North America I was struck with the awesome energy of our Oral Ways, both male and female speakers able to reach out with words to lift us up from our worry, sadness and fears. This translated to my experiences as a child being riveted to the black & white TV as the rythmic phrases and passionate oratory of John F. Kennedy filled my home and heart...

We are told by our elders, the oral ways are our salvation. They say, when we begin to write things down we are amiss because we lose the responsibility of "carrying" the knowledge.

Allan Neskahi, Jr.

Oral traditions REQUIRE us to carry the teachings within our very being and share them with our relations. This is a very sacred responsibility and necessary for the transmission of a real and viable culture.

Master of Ceremonies

I enjoy journeying with an audience through the elements of a program. Working closely with event organizers, I work to bring their intent and story to life with humor, emotion, enthusiasm and style. My teachings of traditional oratory help me to effectively manage the intricacies and relationships necessary to bring an event to life...

Powwows, banquets, entertainment, award ceremonies, conferences, etc.


Wisdom of the Elders, www.wisdomoftheelders.org
I have been very honored to be the host of this program broadcast on NPR stations across the country. A wonderful mosaic of culture, wisdom and spirit, bringing the oral traditions to homes far and wide.


I am able to share many traditional stories but my forte' is the telling of stories of life, be they philosophical in nature or compelling tellings of what we encounter in today's experience.


Experienced in live or recorded narration for video, radio, film and theatre. Narrator for Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Video, Feb 2008.